Healthy Woman

Hormonal oral contraceptives, intra-uterine contraceptives, douches, deodorising sprays, vaginal medication and applicators are some of the commonest causes of non-specific leucorrhoea.
healthy woman is a judicious, effective and safe formulation of herbs which rectify multiple factors responsible for stimulating cervical or endocervical secretions. The ingredient of healthy woman act on

1. External genitalia and genito urinary system.
2. Internal genitalia-the ovaries and fallopian tubes.
3. Pelvic cavity.
4. Enhances local as well as general immune mechanism.
5. Controls psychic factors which influence hormonal interplay and immune mechanism in general and thereby help in restoration of normal health by regulating ovarian function, keep the uterus, cervix and endocervix healthy and free from infection and relieve cervical congestion.